Through teachings and the God has given to Pastor Ronald Rugasira of Christ tabernacle Uganda who is dedicated to reaching out to the people sharing Jesus’ love and beautiful life changing massage of the bible with the people of God. Through television, Radio, gospel Crusades and reign again confessions and through various digital platforms.


Annual conference that is geared to reach pastors and church leaders in the city and rural communities. There are places where television signals hardly reach if it happened. The place of setting up a digital television is at times unaffordable to so many. Therefore, hundreds of the world anointed teachers of evangelist on television have never been heard in many places in Africa.

Even where these radios and television signals are well received, there is a big gap that need to be filled with organized discipleship teaching to church leaders who would in turn teach their communities where God has called them to serve.

Reign Again Conference has come in with a lot of energy to fill this gap. At a given time and location around the country, Christ Tabernacle Ministries Uganda will set out to do a gospel crusade and a conference for a week after these Pastors Evangelists and new believers up for a yearlong discipleship facilitated by Christ Tabernacle Ministries Uganda. After this year long termed discipleship programme communities are stronger, healthy and ready to take off.


Hosting the presence of God on television programme, to reach Hundreds of people in Uganda and around the world through other digital channels. God in his love created mankind and designed men with ability to host Him, this is very profound! This can be a source for strength to every soul if it is received. Therefore, Christ Tabernacle Ministries focuses on these treasures to be understood by the people through this programme.as a result lives are changed.

Schools outreach programme are of a good venue for reaching out to children with the word of God. It is this time in life when their hearts are open for the word to be planted. Through partners who are open to children Ministry, we are able to get printed materials to give to kids who are changed by the massage of Jesus. Covid -19 has changed a lot of things but we remained focused on how we can continuously reach the children with the love of Jesus.